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Thanksgiving Tips for Family Caregivers

Family With Grandparents Enjoying Thanksgiving Meal At Table

While Thanksgiving is a time of family togetherness, the busyness of the holiday — cooking the meal, inviting family and friends, and preparing the home — can be stressful. Family caregivers feel this stress even more intensely with the added responsibility of caring for an elderly or disabled loved one at home.

During this holiday of grateful reflection, family caregivers may need to tweak the traditions to help navigate through these stressful times.

Make it meaningful by focusing on what is special to you, your family, and your loved one. In caregiving, specifically during the holidays, your energy level and your loved one’s energy level can be quickly depleted. Taking time to cherish the memories that make this holiday special, will allow for grateful reflection and a more relaxed environment.

As a caregiver, most of your time is found indoors caring for your loved one. Maintaining a self-care routine with rest and exercise, allows you to give more quality care to your loved one. Getting outside for a walk in the brisk autumn weather will rejuvenate your mind and boost morale.

Family caregivers and their loved ones can benefit tremendously when they have a care team lending support, especially during the holidays. Keyline Home Care provides family caregivers with financial, emotional and ongoing support to help alleviate the stress of caregiving alone.

If your loved one is a Medicaid Member or eligible for Medicaid, we can help you receive financial compensation and additional support with the care of your loved one. Call us today at 1-855-453-9546 to learn more.

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