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The Top 7 Gifts for Seniors


Shopping for your aging loved one can be harder than finding the new “it” toy of the season, and with so many options it can be hard to know where to start.  We’ve put together the ultimate list of gift ideas to make this holiday season the easiest yet!  At Keyline Home Care, our top priority is helping our West Georgia community in any way possible, and that includes helping you get the perfect gift.  Below, you’ll find a list of our top 7 ideas that are sure you make you a hit this holiday season.

1. Give them the gift of comfort. With winter temperatures upon us, keeping comfortable and warm is important to keeping colds at bay.  Treat your loved one to a cozy robe or a soft new sweater.  Perhaps they need a new blanket or slippers with non-slip bottoms.  A nice pair of flannel pajamas or flannel sheets are also great ideas.

2. Give them the gift of technology. Does your loved one enjoy reading a good book, but has a hard time with the font size?  Get them an e-reader such as a kindle.  With millions of books at their fingertips and a customized font size, they can enjoy their favorite pastime while keeping their mind active.  Tablets are also a great gift and provide the opportunity for your loved ones to play games such as Sudoku or crossword puzzles.  Lastly, an easy to use cell phone that they can keep with them at all times will ensure that they never miss another call.

3. Give them the gift of their favorite necessities. Favorite toiletries that are not easily accessible make for great gifts.  Lotions, soaps, perfumes or even toothpaste of a specific brand could be added to a stocking or gift bag to brighten your loved one’s holiday.  Even good quality stationary could count as a necessity if they enjoy putting pen to paper.

4. Give them the gift of connection. Magazine or newspaper subscriptions are a great way to keep your loved one in the loop and ensure they never miss another big headline.

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