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What do you love most about being a caregiver? Conversely, what would you say is your greatest challenge?
Being able to help people is what I love the most. The greatest challenge is trying to find a way to reach those clients that either don’t want help or think they don’t need help. I’m usually able to find a way to win them over, but it just takes time.

What’s the secret ingredient in a great relationship between a caregiver and a client?
Trust and communication. That’s what helps build that bond and creates a strong foundation. A caregiver is there to help and if a client doesn’t trust you, he or she won’t ask for help.

Any particularly rewarding moments as a Keygiver you’d like to share?
I was working for a client who was very outspoken about how she didn’t want my help. I just let her know that she can count on me to be there whenever she was ready for any help. I’m usually able to use my humor to win my clients over. By the end of my shift, she was asking if I’d be coming back. That was a good day.

What’s the most important question a person should ask before hiring a caregiver?
The question to ask should not be do you like caregiving? The question should be do you love it? When you love what you do, your client can see you it.

Anything else you’d like to share?
I love what I do! I’m so excited about furthering my education in nursing and advancing in my career with Keyline. Such great care is taken to make sure we know that caring for our clients is top priority, not just filling out paperwork. I’ve honestly never worked for a company like this, and I’m very happy.

On the rare occasion Boots gets a moment away, she enjoys treating herself to a spa day the local West Georgia community. When we asked what else she liked to do outside of work, she laughingly replied, “Love and aggravate my family but mostly love.”

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