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Lifesaving Tips Every Caregiver Should Know About Sepsis

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How do I prevent my loved one or client from getting sepsis? As with any infection, prevention starts with good hygiene.  Proper, consistent hand washing is the easiest way to aid in suppressing the spread of infection and should be a part of any care provider’s infection prevention protocol.  Another means of prevention is to make sure to get vaccinated against the flu and other viruses.  For minor cuts and scrapes, make sure to clean the affected area, remember to wear gloves, and cover the minor scrape to protect from dirt (anything more than a minor scrape should be seen by a medical professional).  If signs of infection occur, contact the appropriate party in your chain of command.  Lastly, NEVER pop or cut a blister.

If your patient or loved one is on antibiotics, following the doctor’s instructions is vital.  Take them on time, as directed and finish the entire course even if you start to see improvement.  Antibiotics should never be taken by anyone other than who they are prescribed for.

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