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Keygiver Highlight: Sharon Gregorn

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Having worked as a caregiver for nearly eight years, Sharon Gregorn describes becoming a caregiver as something she “fell into.”  From working on Wall Street to working as a chef at Georgia’s own Banning Mills, she began her career simply by helping someone who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and needed help.  She saw a need and she sprung to action.  The rest, as they say, is history.

With the onset of the new year, we sat down with Sharon to discuss the idea of exceptional service and what that means to her as a Keygiver with Keyline Home Care.  Below, you ‘ll read what she had to say.


Why did you choose Keyline?

I saw an ad and it spoke to me.  It was looking for people who were givers and I decided to apply.


Why did you choose to stay with Keyline?

I have been really impressed with the owner of the company (she’s referring to Keyline’s founder and CEO, Bernae Plechette).  She goes out of her way to work with the Keygivers in many ways, but especially with our schedules.  You can also tell that she truly cares about our clients and I like that.


With the beginning of the new year, do you set any professional goals? 

Not exactly, but I always try to do my best work.  I constantly want to achieve and learn as much as I can.


Working as a team leader for Keyline, what are some of your responsibilities? 

I train other Keygivers by showing them what needs to be done.  Different problems arise when you’re caring for people and I try to prepare them for what might happen during their shifts.


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