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For Karen Palmer, Patience is the Key to Caregiving


6. What do you see as the greatest challenge in this line of work?

Working with patients that have dementia can be the most challenging, but can also be extremely rewarding. I’m just mindful to appreciate the good days when they come. On the difficult days, I remember to keep a smile on my face and above all else, to be patient.

7. Can you think of any particularly rewarding moments working with Keyline that you’d like to share?

I’ve been with my current client for two months.  I’ve worked hard to gain her trust because I think that’s important.  Now, she trusts me to drive her to appointments (so much so that she books them when Karen is available), but mainly, we talk.  It’s the small things like having that interaction or knowing that she entrusts me to get her where she needs to be that I find to be the most rewarding.

8.What do you think is the most important question a person should ask before hiring a caregiver?

How patient are you?  Right along with compassion, patience is key with our line of work.

9. What do you like to do outside of work?

I go to church.  I also love to be with my family and cook.  Southern food is my specialty, but I’m especially known for my 7up pound cake.

Karen is a shining example of the qualities we look for in all of our Keygivers.  To learn more about why our Keygivers are the best West Georgia has to offer, call 1-855-4-KEYLINE today.

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