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7 Signs Your Loved One May Need Home Care

Senior Man With Adult Daughter Looking At Brochure For Retirement Home
    1. Falls or Injuries. You might notice bruising and other discoloration even though dad won’t admit to falling. Frequent falls could be a sign that your loved one has diminished motor skills, has difficulty walking or balancing by his or herself, or suffers from vertigo or nausea. A caregiver could provide mobility support and help monitor other symptoms to reduce fall risk.

    2. Changes in Personality. You might notice that mom has become withdrawn or moody and no longer enjoys the hobbies and activities she used to participate in regularly. Changes in personality can be indicative of Alzheimer’s or depression brought on by aging and loss of independence. A caregiver can provide essential companionship care and can help mom take a walk, visit the local senior center, or engage in a new hobby that promotes positive mental health.

    3. Health Issues. If a loved one took a long time to recover from his or her most recent illness or currently has a progressive or chronic health condition, home care could help by monitoring conditions. A caregiver will note of any changes in appearance, such as rapid weight gain or weight loss, and also ensure ADLs are properly supported to ensure a smooth recovery and to optimize wellbeing.

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