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4 Great Ways Seniors Can Keep Cool at the Next Family BBQ

Grandparents With Children Enjoying Outdoor Barbecue

Summer months bring high temperatures, long days and family barbeques to the West Georgia community.  It’s a great way for everyone to relax and catch up.  So, what happens when your loved one can no longer participate in the way that they once could?  Enlisting the help of a Keygiver during your family cookout is one way to add an extra level of comfort for everyone.  Our Keygivers can focus their full attention on the needs of your loved one allowing the family to enjoy their time together a bit more.  Below, you’ll find a list of four other ways to keep your senior loved one cool and comfortable at the next gathering.

Set them up out of the sun and away from the hot grill.  Dehydration can be a problem for the elderly, so make sure water is always within reach.  Avoid alcoholic beverages as this will only add to dehydration and could cause dangerous side effects when mixed with medication.

Make sure you have a plan for getting them to the restroom.  If accidents are a concern, seat them near the restroom.  Having a private signal for when the need arises is a good idea.  Setting this up ahead of time will keep from drawing attention to the situation and limit the potential for possible embarrassment.

Make necessary food preparations away from others.  Speak to the host or hostess before attending to make them aware of any dietary restrictions.  Never cut their meat off the bone or corn off the cob in front of other guests.  This could make them feel child-like.  All food should be ready to consume when it arrives to the table.

Cater to their level of communication.  If your loved one has difficulty communicating, giving them headphones and music to listen to is a good way to allow them to be around everyone without the stress of trying carry a conversation.  If they can communicate, but don’t move around very well, bring people over to them.  Inviting guests to visit for a while ensures that your loved one doesn’t feel isolated.

While day long barbeques may be a thing of the past for your loved one, that doesn’t mean it should be for you as well.  Our Keygivers can assist with care while at the party, but can also provide safe transportation home so you can continue to enjoy the festivities.  Before your next cookout, contact us at 1-855-4-KEYLINE.

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